What Are the Best Jeans for Women?

Find a modern, sleek take on classic denim with Old Navy's skinny jeans for women. Old Navy Skinny Jeans Collection. Our women's skinny jeans are made to make you look thinner and your legs look longer. You'll find women's skinny jeans have the classic looks and the trendy styles to flatter your figure. Old Navy skinny jeans for women are a great denim style because of their slim fit.

Looks for the Family. You are getting a lot of mixed feedback, but I love that you are taking risks with your posts.

Find a modern, sleek take on classic denim with Old Navy's skinny jeans for women. Old Navy Skinny Jeans Collection. Our women's skinny jeans are made to make you look thinner and your legs look longer. You'll find women's skinny jeans have the classic looks and the trendy styles to flatter your figure. Old Navy skinny jeans for women are a great denim style because of their slim fit.
Super Skinny Pants + Chinos Our super skinny chino pants are cut for the tall and slim guys. More casual and comfortable than your grandpa’s chino’s you’ll love how cool these look with just about every top in your drawer.
We've tried more skinny jeans than we can count. After testing the best new skinny jeans, Warp + Weft got our vote for best overall with its vast size offerings, various inseam lengths, sub-$
I designed a skinny jeans pattern for home sewists (in my opinion the ultimate in flattering, but hey, clearly biased) so I’ve done A LOT of research into it. The best denim in the world for skinnies is Cone Mills stretch, made in the USA.
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We've tried more skinny jeans than we can count. After testing the best new skinny jeans, Warp + Weft got our vote for best overall with its vast size offerings, various inseam lengths, sub-$

I definitely have a butt and thighs. But seriously, you know whats my favorite..? Their jeans have a great amount of stretch and perfect for ladies on the more petite side.

I personally just bought 3 pairs of the GAP always skinny jean in multiple colors. The GAP always skinnies fit so effing well and come up to the perfect stomach height.

The Loft Modern Skinny jeans. I am built very similarly to you and both the blue and white fit awesome. I bought them in both the black and distressed wash. I love the fit of loft modern skinny jeans. Loft cords modern skinny last forever, are soft, and are so flattering. This was a very, very brave post, Emily. I see this post was just about finding flattering skinny jeans.

Kudos for your courage as it opened up a dialogue on a very controversial topic. Super important for women to remember and keep perspective on this fallacy of weight and body image in our culture and to educate our daughters about this weirdness so their fragile and forming self body images are not harmed by this. My LA fashionista daughter-in-law who has always worn high end jeans, but then discovered Target jeans, so introduced me to them. They are fabulous…I have skinny, jeggings really flattering and comfortable and boyfriend.

I love them all. I am not kidding you, these jeans are legit. GAP revolution skinny jeans. This was a great post. I love and appreciate your honesty. Thanks for posting this! My fav jeans that I keep buying again and again are randomly from express. They feel like a hug. I used to looove Gap jeans. Then suddenly one day all jeans had so much spandex that they stretch out and start falling down a few hours in.

I have learned to buy jeans in a size smaller because of that issue. Love this fun little post and will say that Express has some Skinny jeans Stella I think? Dark wash, stretchy, perfect! This piece gives me hope that it MIGHT be possible to branch out and find a great-fitting skinny with more structure. Also, yes please do some flares!

The most flattering skinny jeans on me are the AG Farrah jeans: These are SO SO comfortable and they hide my post-baby belly really well. The best part is, because of the high waist, I can get down on the floor and play with my kids without risking showing too much! I LOVE that look and always feel like it comes across super boxy on me. You are getting a lot of mixed feedback, but I love that you are taking risks with your posts.

Thanks for such great content in Roc k on mama! I appreciate that you did not want to make anyone feel bad about herself. I hope you can do the same for yourself! Here is what worked for me: Having a baby girl.

I was forced to deal with lingering body issues, because it hurt my heart to think of my daughter having such critical thoughts of her own body one day. Lesley, same for me!! Having a daughter and realizing that even as a toddler, she was carefully watching and mimicking everything i did, made me take a close eye to how I loved myself.

Now instead of beating myself up and being critical, I show her that eating well and staying active are more important than fitting a certain pant size. Totally enjoyed this post. Can you please indicate which numbers correlate to the descriptions above? I too am tired of skinny jeans, not being so twiggy myself. Loved this post Emily. You are so genuine and adorable! I never comment but I just wanted to say that I think that you are so wonderful and I love these honest pictures and reviews!

The content about weight etc. Body image is such such such a personal and touchy subject and I so appreciate your honesty! But they actually look pretty jean like, they have a zip fly instead of elastic waistband, and they are soooooo high waisted it holds everything in the tummy region in perfectly.

They are the only skinny jeans I buy now. But without posts like this, the only images left will be of the airbrushed stick figures, the macarons, blah, blah. And the cycle continues…. And lest I make you sound like some brave, political, but not so hot looking chick—for crying out loud, you look beautiful: Anyone here fans of Banana Republic Skinnies? Joellyn — we are the same size and I have been trying to find jeans forever.

Thanks for the recommendation! I totally love this post! You look great, the jeans are great, and I love wearing skinnies too! I enjoyed this post immensely Emily. It was nice to see an honest review, without overly stylized pictures, of something we all wear on the daily. I hear you on the JCrew Matchstick. I love them but my butt looks square and flat in them. I live in my Madewell jeans though. At 5 foot 2 and pounds my goal this year is to get that number down.

Proper amount of stretch but not till where you have buy a size larger pet peeve and yet still affordable. Just so you know, this post had me using the timer on my iPhone to snap pictures of myself in my new jeans. They seriously maintain their shape throughout the day but are super comfortable. I love that you publically shared your height and weight.

The few times it has come up, I am surprised by the number — it is always higher than what I would have guessed it would be, which helps me to feel more normal and to be kinder to myself when I jump on the scale. This transparency is why I appreciate Nordstrom online reviews that include body stats and also gym locker rooms — both provide a great reminder that there are a wide range of beautiful bodies out there.

I wish more people would. Sharing about ourselves and being transparent can be so empowering for all of us!! Thank you Emily for being so open, in this post and always. You continue to inspire me! I want to vote, but I need the reviews to be numbered! How the hell do they move so fast?? Anyway, yes yes to Old Navy Rockstar.

I bought a pair the high rise, FYI as my transition-out-of-baby-weight jeans and pretty much never took them off. Then bought a smaller size when the time came. Have you heard of Sonnet James dresses? You should try AG jeans too. I recently discovered them at Anthropologie and they are fab. Gap outlet has a skinny high rise stretch legging jogging that goes on sale for I love Paige jeans too, my favorite premium denim…j brand was my maternity love and joes jeans were my gateway to premium denim.

I definitely agree with you. Thanks for the informative post! May I suggest Pilcro Stets? You can read the reviews on Anthropologie. This post is awesome! I have always wanted to do research like this, but never took the time — so thank you for doing it for us! This is the best post ever. I hate shopping for jeans and you did all the work for us, now I can just buy!

They have the perfect amount of stretch and they come in short, regular, and tall lengths. I am a curvier girl size 14 , so I know how hard it can be to find skinny jeans that look good in larger sizes. Skinny jeans for all!

Great job on putting this post out there! You did some really awesome reviews and I loved the shoot. Even after babe they were the first jeans I jumped back into.

Where are your shoes from? They look really comfy and supportive yet are adorable. I appreciate your real-life approach to personal style. You never know what will work. Wah — I want them now! I did order those gap super stretch leggings. Thanks for being so brave and sharing this post! I spent a good amount of time in Gap today trying on jeans, I was pleasantly surprised by the Superstretch Legging Jeans and bought them right away. You should try AYR jeans. They have a home try on program where you pick three sizes and try them on at home; they only charge you a dollar each.

If you like a pair, you send the others back free returns and they charge you for the pants. Ummm, your hair is so effing amazing in this shoot I could barely focus on the jeans guuurl! I love this post, I love your style just as much as your design, I would love to see some more fashion posts. Usually I think they look to trendy in a bad way all I can think when I see them on me is Kardashians but you really pull them off. What I really want to see is a super wide leg jeans post, I always love your look when you wear them.

I have a pair of Paige skinnies in black and I wear those things like every. And after several months they seem to not be stretched out more…or I could just be gaining weight. Stitch Fix is kind of a bad deal in terms of price, but through a fix I found Kut from the Kloth jeans, and oh my, they fit like a dream! How about — how to stand up in skinny jeans?

I have skinny legs yet they still bunch when sitting. Is this an april fools post to make us look at your butt? Can you add the brand for each number at the bottom? Pretty please and thank you! The gap super stretches look RULL hot on ya. I like anything with an elastic waste, so maybe I can alter them to cater to my perpetual food baby. I do love Paige, my favorite white jeans ever check those out for summer!

Thanks fot always being a positive, unique voice—not see many other bloggers doing a comparison shoot where they assess their look as less than perfect ever! Those are impossible to find. You HAVE to check here out. The Express mid rise leggings. They are so comfortable, flattering and the rinse is perfect. I am not looking forward to flared jeans coming back.

Em, this post was fantastically written. Never did you demean a body type or weight. You should be able to do this without backlash.

This is what we call bad listening. They missed the point entirely and bulldozed you with their premature reaction. We all make snap judgements but there are a few on here who could probably benefit from time with a liscensed counselor. Not a fan on skinny jeans for myself.

Trying to find the size I need is like looking for a zebra. The last time I found a pair close to my size was a couple of years ago. You look cute in all of them! My advice is to go with what feels most comfortable! Thanks for doing the research! You look beautiful as always, Emily! Also…I am just wondering if you could add sizes for every brand you tried.

I am finding it difficult to get to stores with my two little ones to try things on and my size is so inconsistent between brands and even different fabrications in the same brand. Also, have you tried AG? And they feel like pajamas. Love this post so much. It made me laugh and I can totally relate. Cheap and easy during the transitional I hope weight phase. Great topic and you look great! My absolute favorite skinny jeans ever are by Dr.

I found the brand about three years ago and now I never buy anything else! They are so stretchy and comfortable, almost like jeggings but still with back pockets that you can actually use. Cheap jeans will stretch and bag out over time especially at the knee.

The fabric is a good, versatile for warmer and colder weather! Very happy with this purchase! Probably will be donating every other jean I own. Stylish yet crazy comfortable, these are the perfect jeans for a road trip or long-haul flight. They are stretchy without being too thin, they feel so good on, the price is amazing, I own every color. These are holy grail status jeans.

It's almost as good as wearing yoga pants. These jeans are soft, comfortable and has some stretch. I bought 2 pairs because I was so impressed with them. So glad I did. Beauty Clothing Shoes Accessories Shop. The trendy stepped hems that add a twist to a classic pair of skinnies.

Great wash, fit, jean! The deep navy wash is perfect for work or an evening out. Using her 15 years of experience in the modeling industry as a curve model, Willcox strives to change the game of body image by giving people the tools to challenge the beauty ideal implemented by the media.

For more on Katie, be sure to follow her on Instagram and visit katiewillcox.

All this variation makes shopping for pants—and finding the best chinos for men—difficult. One man's jeans are another man's torture, as the saying goes. One man's jeans are . And if we might make another suggestion in this category, it would be these high-rise skinny jeans from the Reformation, which come with a little added stretch and sit comfortably under the belly button, but . Chinos: a brief brand analysis (vanduload.tkshionadvice) submitted 5 years ago * by dccorona I've decided to write my second clothing breakdown on chinos, a pretty popular clothing piece on this subreddit.

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