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We were told that our payments would be going to the mattress first for the first year and once that was paid off in the first year our payment would drop and it would start going toward the one with the longer-term. Then I started paying early and way over the minimum amount. We had very limited credit available to use for the emergency and were forced to use funds for our house payment. I am checking as to the legality of this, as I feel what they are doing is not legal, and if so, will file a complaint with the state attorney general's office.

GE Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number Phone Number of GE Credit Card is 61 3 (then press 5). GE is the short version of General Electronic company universally renowned for the framework as well as financial services.
Credit Card Cardholder Services. General Services: (Available 24 hours) Lost or Stolen Credit Card: (Available 24 hours) To Mail Your Payment: VISA PO Box Philadelphia, PA Please include the last 4 digits of your card number on your check.
GE Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number Phone Number of GE Credit Card is 61 3 (then press 5). GE is the short version of General Electronic company universally renowned for the framework as well as financial services.
Customer Service, I inadvertently made a payment in the amount of $ 38 on 9/16/16 to Ge Capital Retail Bank through my Chase on-line banking account. This was a .
In 20+ years of having credit cards, I have never seen a bank that is so screwed up, with worse reviews and with such terrible third world country outsourced non-existent customer service/5().
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Credit Card Cardholder Services. General Services: (Available 24 hours) Lost or Stolen Credit Card: (Available 24 hours) To Mail Your Payment: VISA PO Box Philadelphia, PA Please include the last 4 digits of your card number on your check.

Synchrony has an account with Conn's credit card. I don't have an account with Synchrony with this department. The customer care reps are very rude and for some reason, they can't find my payment, because I don't have an account with Conn's through Synchrony.

I have proof where they cashed and endorsed my check, but for some reason, can't account for it. I have been fighting to get this issue resolved for over 2 months now with no help or assistance from Synchrony Financial. In the meantime, I have to continue to pay for the Conn's account I do have until this issue is resolved.

They are a bunch of thieves! I recently found out that I did not cash in my rewards check that I supposedly received in February. So of course if you don't use it before the days they will not reissue you a new check which of course is the money you earned back from all your spending you did and will keep your money.

I am disappointed in these practices that they can just keep your money. I can just imagine how many other people they have scammed this way. I have been calling them to make payments over the phone the last few months and no one had mentioned to me that I did not cash in my reward check or that it was going to expire. At this point I will not be using that credit card and stick with my Visa!

Purchased a new Mattress from a store that offered interest-free payments for two years. Called customer service and spoke to someone who called himself Alex. Convinced him that, if anything, I was ahead on my payments, he agreed to remove the charge. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. After having around dollars put on the card I paid it off within a couple of months. Right after doing so they closed out my account with no notice. I have never missed a payment on any credit card and the card was not unused for a long period of time, when I called their customer service to dispute this they told me they didn't have the information why it was closed and I should receive a letter soon.

To be honest one of the worst experiences ever and unfortunately I have a few more cards through them. I got a Synchrony Card a few months ago. I have paid on time and paid over the amount due. Synchrony mailed me a letter telling me after reviewing my credit, they have decided to lower my limit. This wouldn't be big deal but this made my credit score drop. Also what are they doing checking my credit without my permission!

I recently bought a new car so my credit score had dropped a little so I guess that gave them a reason in their eyes. I had a large credit limit so now that they lowered my credit score, It shows I have a much higher debt versus credit ratio.

If there is a class action lawsuit, count me in! I paid my last bill on time through my bank online pay. Because there was a national holiday on Monday, the due date, payment didn't actually hit their system until the 5th. When I attempted to reach someone at customer service, the voicemail system took me through about 10 press this number, press that number, then put me on hold for ages before I got to a representative. Though she was very nice, she could not help remove the extra charges.

I tried to reach corporate office of TJ Maxx, and wound up getting tossed into the eternal voicemail hell again. Needless to say, this card is going into the shredder. I purchased an item at Sam Ash and was given financing through Synchrony Bank. I decided to buy with Sam Ash because they told me that I would receive a They stipulated that I had to submit a form, with a copy of the receipt, postmarked by July 31, I called the number displayed on my Sam Ash card and I spent over an hour being transferred from one department to another - from one person to another.

I finally got frustrated and called customer service and asked that I close my account, that I will continue to pay it off. It was explained to me that if I closed the account I would have to pay in full or I would be charged interest fees.

In the end, although I did everything right, they made sure that I would not receive what they promised. I've never dealt with such a sleazy company in my life. Great service, never an issue! They charged a late fee first time, my fault, they removed the charge.

Second time, my fault, oh well. Then I started paying early and way over the minimum amount. The window they leave to not charge you is so small you need to set an alarm and pay right when it goes off or you will be charged a late fee!

They have the most convoluted accounting system. You have been warned! I had the Synchrony Amazon Prime Store card for 8 years 9 month.

Bought hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of merchandise during those years on the card. Card was paid in full. I get an email from several sources that my credit account report shows a card was closed. When I investigated, found it was the Amazon Card. Closed on September No call, no discussion, just canceled my card after being with them for over 8 years.

So I call in hoping to talk to someone and work this out. It was an honest mistake or shall I say oversight on my part. There was no one that would listen to my story. They didn't want to hear my story. I talked to 1 customer service rep and 2 different managers. My card is paid in full, I have no late payments prior to this one purchase, and there is no discussion?

No review of my account to verify that until this event, I AM an on-time payer. To perform a review and consider reinstating my account. Needless to say, they don't care! I understand why the card was canceled, what I can't understand is why not one person and I talked to 3 , was not willing to review my account.

They would see that I have a proven path for on-time payments prior to this event, and this was not a pattern of late paying. Needless to say, I closed all my accounts with this company, and this is the first review I have ever written against a company.

I felt I needed warn others away from this company. Lack of customer care! Later on they call to let you know that you are late, you explain that you made the payment over the phone and they tell you little tricks that you did or didn't do right.

No matter what is a scam to get your additional fees all the time. I have four cards with Synchrony Financial and paid off each account early.

I have a judgement they never contacted me about when they filed. I need a copy of lien release for vehicle that has been paid off for several years. This is for the Department of Motor Vehicle Administration to process title change. Called the business and they do not hold any liens referred us to GE Money Bank.

I have been unable to make any contact with GE Money Bank. In order to get this cycle licensed in Colorado need the lien release. What are we supposed to do. Your email address will not be published.

Leave this field empty. Skip to content I proceeded to make payments within I thought the 30 day billing cycle and I was still charged late payments. At that time I became frustrated and started to make payments as close to 16th of the month as possible and did not make any additional payments.

An account I've had since college, dated I got cancer in and kinda lost my mind and body when I went through chemo. So, naturally, I fell behind until I regained my mind. Once everything is paid off, I will close every single one of these suckers and eat the credit score hit. I opened a Synchrony Bank credit card last week with Ashley Furniture, and the process has been a complete nightmare. I went online to see if I had a payment due and noticed that my account was overdrawn.

After 4 phone calls I finally learned that Ashley Furniture had charged my card twice, but that is not what I am complaining about. One of the reps that I spoke with said she was unable to verify my phone number the same phone number I used to open the account and the same phone number their automated system recognized me as calling from when I called in.

The rep then asked me to send her a copy of my ID, my phone bill, a utility bill, and my bank statement to a P. Basically she asked me to send her every piece of information a person would need to commit a fraud against me. I felt really uncomfortable with this so I asked if it would be possible for me to send the information certified so someone would have to sign for it , and she declined saying that she was unable to accept the information that way.

I then proceeded to ask if I could fax the information or scan it in and email it directly to the rep, and I was told that I could not. It seems really strange that Synchrony isn't very interested in protecting consumers information, because who would be liable if my information did become compromised?

And even stranger that a large company doesn't have access to a fax or computer to receive an email? As a last ditch effort I asked the rep if it would be possible for me to go to my local police department with identification so they could authenticate that I was the account holder, and of course I got another no.

I ended up going to Ashley Furniture and they even attempted to authenticate me which was a no go. So needless to say I cancelled my order and Ashley credited the amount back to my account. As soon as the funds are credited back to my Synchrony I plan to close it. I would not recommend Synchrony to anyone as this has been more hassle than it is worth.

The most bothersome issue is why would I care if the account was overdrawn unless it was my account? The reps are unable to use any kind of discretion that requires common sense, and it's just plain sad.

I hope that this review prevents someone else from falling victim to this type of dealing. After being a loyal credit card customer with Synchrony Bank for over 5 years, they refuse to remove a negative report from the credit reporting agencies. I was delinquent with ONE payment which was simply an oversight on my end.

Once I was notified, the payment was made immediately. I have made my payments on time, always pay more than the minimum, and when I'm able will actually make two payments in the same month. When I respectfully asked to have their negative report removed in order to improve my credit score, they refused to help and told me the only process at my disposal is to file a dispute with each credit agency.

The bank will then respond to each agency. She was clear that the chances of the negative report being removed are slim to none - even all of the red tape "process" is followed.

Synchrony Bank itself takes no accountability for lower my account limits and denying a minor limit increase, although my account has been in a perfect outstanding status for almost 7 years Agent and supervisor Laura unable to address and answer questions thoroughly re: But was extremely good in the "sarcasm" dept.

Will soon be a happy, loyal customer elsewhere! My husband and I purchased furniture from Rooms To Go on 3 different occasions and they stated to us each time that it was zero interest for one year since we were going through Synchrony Bank. We have paid our bill on time and it didn't seem like our bill was changing so we called Synchrony Bank to find out what was going on with our bill.

We should have our things paid off in less than 7 months. When we talked with a representative from Synchrony Bank he didn't want to listen to mathematics. He told us it should be paid off in 20 months. So, you tell me if that's how much we are paying each month why would it take 20 months? Where is ALL of our money going? Bottom line is don't trust them! They lied to us not once but several times.

I have never had a credit card report my credit card balance until the monthly statement date has passed. That's credit card They already cost me a hard inquiry with a refi because of this major screw up. It's happening to others now as well all over the country.

Your credit scores can and will be negatively affected by this. We all know that's how it's suppose to work. I have submitted various letters and emails of complaint to GE in relation to the sale of PPI linked to a loan provided by them. Has anyone else had similar problems? I now intend to raise my grievance to the highest level of the company and to pursue my grievance on whatever sites may help me obtain what I believe is my rightful compensation.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? And then afterward, without warning or correction on their part, closed my account without notice whatsoever. I don't need Synchrony, nor their rude foul treatment and lack of human contact to speak with. I cannot solve this issue so far for over a month because they fail to route my payments due to some system error, not mine! I have high limits on 6 other high-end cards and don't need their headaches! I choose to settle this issue by paying in full, then never using their services ever again, however, they won't allow me to speak with a human without ungodly waiting times on hold!

I have good credit, worked hard to get it too, and Synchrony Bank's ridiculous computerized customer service is quite off-putting, rude, and almost impossible without spending my entire day waiting for a human being! I've never had such an issue with any other creditor! Will never allow them to have any say in my life or financial affairs again!

You know its bad when these slimy POS credit bank companies prey on the people who need dental work or your pets need vet service and they charge outrageous rates and if you don't get the account paid off in a year they latterly double charge you. WTH, don't get a card or loan or bank with these blood suck jackwipes. I have tried to contact them online and tried to make a payment but I can no longer log into their system so I am sure they gave me a huge ding on my credit.

I had an Amazon credit account. I closed my account 2 years ago in order to pay it off and have no further purchases made via credit card. Despite on time payments and paying more than the minimum my balance is currently 2, In fact my balance has gone up the past couple months.

I have filed with the BBB and am not done filing complaints. CSR said I was paying a security fee Um no, never authorized that, and my account has been closed to purchases for 25 months. This bank, which is infamous for high interest rates and constantly changing terms, took over CareCredit about 18 months ago.

Beware, they are less than a stellar bank. They do not offer insurance on their cards, charge high interest rates and if you fall on hard times as I have, will harass you to death, and play every game in the book to get money out of you. A little hard when you are unemployed and receive no benefits. First they will call all hours of day and night every few days, then send threatening letters, and then the newest game is sending you a phony civil suit in order to get you to call.

When you do, it is a collection agency. A lawsuit would have a docket number which theirs doesn't. I am checking as to the legality of this, as I feel what they are doing is not legal, and if so, will file a complaint with the state attorney general's office. Avoid this bank and CareCredit at all costs. They are not worth your time of day. What they fail to want to understand, is you can't print money when you are unemployed.

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GE Capital would like to contact you occasionally by email to let you know about our latest news, events and products & services. The Website of GE Credit Card is GE Credit Card contact person The contact person of GE Credit Card is na. GE Credit Card Customer Support Service Phone Number The customer support phone number of GE Credit Card is 61 3 (then press 5) (Click phone number to call). Credit Card Cardholder Services. General Services: (Available 24 hours) Lost or Stolen Credit Card: (Available 24 hours) To Mail Your Payment: VISA PO Box Philadelphia, PA Please include the last 4 digits of your card number on your check.

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