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The two 70ish friends from Brookline are extolling the virtues of all they encounter here: I rarely go there except for Home Depot and Panera bread which is in the mini strip directly facing this one. Easier said than done though, because the battery was dead. Great team to work with! Caldor, Is it me or does Walmart like building their stores on sites of old malls.

Your favorite places to eat, shop and hang out are at The Corner Mall in Boston's Downtown Crossing. Visit our international food court for fast food favorites.
Apologies for the home state neglect. Let’s take a break from the Noo Yawka barrage with a mall that even a lot of people living in the Boston area may not know about. The Walpole Mall is the only enclosed mall serving Boston’s southwest suburbs, along the US1 and I corridor. There is another, larger [ ].
Information & Events Greendale Mall is located on 7 Neponset St, Worcester, MA More than 36 stores. Find and choose store on the list below placed at Greendale Mall.
Information & Events Greendale Mall is located on 7 Neponset St, Worcester, MA More than 36 stores. Find and choose store on the list below placed at Greendale Mall.
Burlington Mall, store listings, directions, hours, comment forum and more (Burlington, MA).
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Does anyone know when the new expansion will be open and what will be included? Megan August 20th, at 2: We pretty much did everything there. There was a pet store and a toy store and I got my ears pierced at a kiosk there too. This mall is simple but it serves a purpose. Even with WalMart nearby and other surrounding malls, it will survive. I remember the old Village Mall in Canton too.

The Caldor there was great. Man, I feel old! I grew up in Dedham, and moved to Walpole as an adult. I used to go there and buy at least one item for everyone on my list in one trip! At one point in time, however, a Hickory Farms was erected over the sunken atrium area in a shortsighted attempt to expand, read as cram , rentable space.

Hickory Farms was later taken out and the small atrium was restored. Jon September 30th, at 1: The 1st time i went to The Walpole mall was in I went there because i went to a music store there and i believe it was Good Vibrations and it was located right inside the mall enterance on the right side, across from I-Party.

Then i remember in the music store moved to another location in the mall and that was across from Subway and i believe it could of been right next to The Gap, but it was definately on that side of the mall in that spot. Oh yeah and one more thing. Theres an old lady who works at Hallmark. She knows everything about what that mall used to have.

BostonMofo October 3rd, at 4: Although the mall allowed it to be attached to the mall structure, it has always been more of an orphaned store.

That store is like the kid who has never been told he is adopted. So esentially, CVS was the end of the mall navigation area. On the left were a candle shop, the Irish store, and more. On the right was Olympia Sports and others. At the end of the new section was a Jo-Ann Fabric.

The Papa Ginos was on the left of the entrance and a large Waldenbooks was on the right Waldenbooks was formerly in a smaller space in the mall — east of the Gap. They actually pushed out the face of the mall into the parking lot and created new space to squish it in there. They changed that in the upgrade. I found it to be pointless.

Although everyone agrees that the Walpole Mall was very uncool, I always appreciated it because I thought it had a lot of utility. I found the space to be pretty weird though because you had so much unused, open space at both end sof the mall.

I think expansion plans never had a chance because the surrounding part of the mall would be pretty scary at night because it feels enclosed by all those trees. It would be very easy for someone to break into cars back there. FeralToki October 14th, at 8: Does anyone know if it is still there?

Cici October 15th, at The Walpole mall expansion is moving along quickly…they just moved the Coney Street entrance to the mall further away from Rt. Kayla January 21st, at 8: I am living in walpole currently and have always lived in walpole. Jane February 22nd, at E and KB Toys.

I cannot wait for L. Fitness to open up. Peter June 29th, at 3: Probably a good thing in terms of its survival. Scott August 6th, at I think the arcade was one of the fe arcades in the state. Once the big box stores moved in, I think the Dream Machine relocated to a new store within the mall. Everyone is correct about Office Max at one point being a tiny Stop and Shop. I think a lot of malls have moved to the new outdoor format — it reminds me of some of newer DC area strip malls. There was an old Child World outside the mall, which was odd because Toys R Us was just down the street.

Dave October 22nd, at Good Vibrations was a great record chain in the area, with superb customer service, and this location was full of cool imports. It was an average mall for an average population area. Rocky November 11th, at 8: It was a pretty hopping spot for the area back then.

It was located where the Old Country Buffet is now. There are some pictures on it of that were taken inside and outside the mall. Ace Base December 1st, at I read several of the comments here, and I dont think anyone mentioned the old wing of thw mall that was removed back around or so it contained the original Papa-Ginos for the mall, old Dream Machine, Walden Books, Auntie Annies towards the end …..

I know by about it was a Stop and Shop…. Back in , there werent many supermarkets in the area, that was a maor one, at the mall…. I recall the entire mall was renovated around or 87….. BostonMoFo January 22nd, at 1: Someone mentioned the new streetlight on the Coney Street entrance.

Logistically, that seems like a nightmare. Riverledge March 27th, at Not as sure about the left side but I know there was a Motherhood Maternity my aunt worked there and the Orange Julius on that corner. The bank opened as a Hancock and later became Bank of New England. I keep thinking there was a travel agency somewhere down this way. The Mall at Walpole was a pretty awful name. But nothing beats the pretention of the Natick Collection, however. A note the Walpole supermarkets.

I worked at this mall during the summer of The Captain and Tenille and Elton John someone saved my life tonght were big hits at the time. Gaye May 8th, at Like Jay, I worked at this mall around the same time. Seems to be one on every corner now….. The Walpole Mall is in need of some good stores……. A drug store like CVS used to be one but moved out or Walgreens is especially needed. An FYE also used to be one but moved out. It was so nice around here then.

Kimmy J August 21st, at 9: I remember seeing pictures of all the snow piled up at the mall during the blizzard of I remember buying my prom dress there.

There was an art store next to Orange Julius. Sonja and her family ran it-they were from India. My husband bought my engagement ring and a ton of other jewelry there. Definately not a cool mall, but as kids we could walk there and there was not much else to do in Walpole.

Kristen August 21st, at Kristen August 21st, at 9: Dawn September 26th, at 7: I believe the Taco Bell in the parking lot went in the in early 90s.

This mall was never a real hotspot, even in the early 80s when my family went to a mall every weekend. This was a tiny place, similar to the Taunton Mall in comparison with some of the other shopping plazas of the early 80s.

Linda June 17th, at Before this we frequented the Dedham Mall, but when the Walpole Mall was built, it was quite a busy place! Craig July 25th, at 7: I recall our view of the interior as we 13 year olds stood and stared into the unfinished mall as all dirt and concrete construction. We were all in wonder! It is now sad when we come back from California and see how much the mall has changed over time.

If you want malls, come to California! They are mini-Disneylands out here! Quinn May 12th, at 6: Not to get too far off topic but did anyone else notice the first picture of the mall sign… the weird up-ended copper SUV across the road?

Excellent and friendly salesperson. Finance manager was quick and knowledgeable. Clean dealership and great follow up. Direct Auto responded very quickly and was able to put a deal together with in a couple days. They handled the registration and sales tax only issue I had was they are unable to provide state inspection.

They were very prompt to get back to me. Vehicle was well represented and the staff was very respectful. They are very good. Waited an hr and never had a chance to speak with a sales about a vehicle I was interested in, left then got a call the next day. Experience was great, picking up a car in a few days. Vehicle mileage mistates by 6k in Cargurus ad and dealer was unwilling to make price adjustment.

One week after being informed that mileage was mistated, no adjustment was made to vehicle ad. This is thr text book definition of "bait and switxh". Dealer was also courteous enough to inform me that they "would honor" the price for which the vehicle was listed on Cargurus.

How very kind of you. Learn a bit about professionalism. I contacted them and they responded quickly. However, I was told the vehicle was not available yet. Instead they asked if I could stop by to get financing quotes for the vehicle.

I bought a similar vehicle somewhere else. After I signed all paper work sales rep told me delivery of vehicle take 7 days. So keep this in mind when buying from this place. Nice to do business with. The vehicle had body work done to it and not very good. Front tire was run flat and tail light broken. None of which I was ever told on the phone. I told them I would rather pay more for a truck that had not been in an accident.

Their reply was "you can just overlook that it is a great deal! Very Polite, nice to work with. Only gave them one star for the selection, and that's being generous. Overall the worst dealer I have ever tried to work with. I drove over 70 miles to look at a vehicle and attempt to purchase. They made an offer for my trade-in less than half the NADA book value. When I attempted to make a reasonable counter offer.

I was told that they could not agree to the deal. They are only out to take advantage of the uninformed consumer. Good service, but took to long to gave me my car and they sold me the car with the battery dead so i have to go back and they change it! My experience with this dealership was like no other they really do take care of you!

And do the impossible to get the car you want , i left their satisfied and would seriously recommend anyone to go here! Very relaxed sales environment. Good vehicles on the lot. Only concern was somewhat shabby state of waiting room, but everyone we dealt with was knowledgable and courteous.

Would give positive recommendation. While they replied to me twice, both times were to ask what questions I had about the vehicle Then when I sent them examples the same vehicle, newer, lower miles but less money, they just told me they had a more desirable color. When I talked them, black is also a desirable color, and no one is going to pay more just because it's white, then they never contacted me again.

And by the way, even tho they told me they can't come down in price last week, they just lowered their price again this week. Disappointed since when i asked for better price they would not give a discount. Don't believe the market changed its price in 2 weeks. Very large operation squeezed onto a very congested space My Wife was afraid she would get hit by a test driver moving through the crowded space A bit pushy about appointments.

We got there early, and it took 25 minutes just to get the keys to look inside the vehicle while we waited for the designated salesperson to finish with the prior appointment.

They offered me what I considered an insult on my trade in. Too bad, as I liked the truck, but there will be another one Sales guys were polite and seemed to know their stuff, enjoyed chatting with them Long ride for no sale.

Great bunch of People. Did not purchase the car. Did not care for the Q70L as a model. Will be back in the future for another look at their inventory. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and helpful. Didn't buy the car yet but most likely will. The experience was one response to contact the salesperson before I co e to view the car.

That weekend I was not able to call or get there and have not heard from since. Not helpful at all. Obviously not the case with the car I was looking at. Happy with the service shown at this dealer. Over all people were friendly , It took long time to get my car. I was disappointed when they would not mail me keys I forgot in my trade and asked me to pick them up.

Prompt contact, did not purchase vehicle. Excellent experience low pressure environment. Then they try to justify why should I pay that price for a car very far from good conditions. Sent an email to me to follow up. Went to their location which was a bit of a hike but overall the experience was very unexpected.

Memorial day weekend was busy but the whole process was amazing. Almost no dealer tactics. They even beat the interest rate on financing I already had. Filipe was our salesman. He's no pressure just like the establishment! I will say if u have been to a big dealership definitely go here Sincerely, The guy who hates buying a car!!! I will follow up They did not perform the rotor service to the vehicle.

There is also a faint knocking sound under 're rear. Will call the dealer to see what they say. Will update his post after I speak with them. Prompt response to my request.

Already bought a vehicle. Unable to rate service here. Be careful walking into this joint. I was at the bank getting a certified check for the vehicle I was going to purchase.

No sooner that I had it in my hand the dealership called me to say they sold the vehicle I was getting. Not very truthful not treated fairly and misled. I am assuming this dealership sold me out for someone who was going to pay more thus I was tossed aside. Bottom line waste of time! I decided to buy the car a few days after test driving it, set up an appointment to finish the paper work, and got a cashier's check. As I was driving to my scheduled appointment, they called me to tell me that they sold the car to someone else and couldn't wait 10 minutes for me to arrive.

They promised to find a similar car at auction later that week, but failed at that as well and never bothered to actually contact me. Very professional and satisfactory. Thr gentleman that helped mr was pleasant, and patient. I didn't find what I waa looking fo, but he tried his best to accommodate me.

Dealer failed to report an accident with the car that we later found out about upon asking for the carfax. Wasted a trip to the dealership. Use caution when going to this dealer as they likely make all their cars look better than they are. The sales person was very eager to help, but the car wouldn't start, and I was left waiting for a long time in the lot.

He tried to jump it, but needed help. I took it for a ride, but noticed the check engine light was on. After I pulled it in the lot and turned the car off, I asked the sales person about the check engine light.

He said he thought it was due to the battery, and to rune the car on again. Easier said than done though, because the battery was dead. I couldn't even close the door properly because the battery adjusts the windows down and up when the door is opened and closed.

So I just left the door ajar. The sales manager asked what I thought and downplayed the battery and engine light issues. I just said the car wasn't for me, and was on my way. Made a appt the day before i went down to look at the car. Got to the dealership and the car was just sold. Awesome waste of my saturday morning. Terrible place to go they try to give you nothing for your trade and come up with all kinds of excuses why your vehicle isn't worth anything. Was told I'd get a call back but never did.

Avoid it if you can. Very pleasant and accommodating. Long wait, misleading information on the website. We saw Lexus ES which was missing some of the basic luxury and not so luxury features like rear view camera, leather seats, heated seats but the price was deceiving to make it look appealing for a luxury car. They were pleasant to deal with and prompt to respond with information. Very impressed with the whole experience, they definitely take care of everything with outstanding service!

Direct Auto Mall was very helpful while I decided about my car purchase. They were not pushy, and provided adequate information and time to make a decision. Although I ultimately went with another car at another dealership, I would definitely consider Direct Auto Mall when purchasing a used car.

I was contacted by phone the same day to discuss details of the car. It did not have options I wanted. They offered to contact me if any similar cars became available in their inventory. I was up date very fast I love that. Great team to work with! They contacted me and my salesperson Lucy was awesome.

I couldn't believe the number of people there. Their prices are lower than most dealers so they weren't that flexible on negotiations, at least in my case.

But, nevertheless, I got a great deal in comparison to what other similar vehicles are going for in the surrounding area. Will definitely recommend them and shop there again. Bought my car from here great people. Dealer contacted me as soon as I expressed an interest in possibly purchasing the Silverado The people on the phone were very cordial and polite. Truck listing did not identify bed length which was not to my liking, but others on their lot did meet my search criteria.

This is the type of dealer that gives used car sales their bad reputation. Hard sales approach with vehicles that buyers need to do more than normal due diligence in getting outside inspections. First dealer I have ever been too that requires a license just to see a vehicle even if you don't want to drive it. Made an apointment that didn't exist and had to wait min for a sales person. The saleswoman was very good, professional. Answered all questions and has kept in touch on two trucks I have interest in.

Very professional and not high pressured. Very please with the experience. Show older dealer reviews Dealer attempting to sell a. Representative was indignant on the phone telling me KBB says they can get that price and they won't consider lowering it. Buying my car was a easy process. The staff was great to work with.

I got the car I wanted that a great price. Great place to do business! Philipio was awesome and not pushy. I had a pleasure to buy a car at this dealer David was professional and helpful in this process. I rate this dealer to excellent. The follow up was good and they offered me a test drive,which I enjoyed,but the guy is too aggressive forcing me to buy the car even though its way out of my budget and he tried to influence me.

They called me thrice in but the car was not there when I went to test drive it and I have to wait for 15 mins. Quality car at a great price - no dickering, good follow up and friendly staff. Yes the office is in need of an overhaul but I did not go there to buy the office. I made reasonable offer. Dealer wasn't willing to negotiate or sell the vehicle.

Immediate response, relatively aggressive communication campaign. But I liked the fact that they want my business. The dealership is a dump. After 2 conversations with a woman on the phone about the specific car I was interested in the salesman I met had no idea what I was looking for.

Would definitely not be interested in doing any business here. Wanted to talk with sales person the person would not transfer me to sales person. Non responsive, difficult to deal with over the phone.

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Welcome to Natick Mall, greater Boston's destination of choice for family-friendly shopping and dining. Explore over stores in the heart of the Golden Triangle shopping districts, including numerous children's vanduload.tkon: Worcester Street, Natick, , MA. Welcome to Auburn Mall - an indoor, climate controlled shopping mall that serves the communities of Leicester, Millbury, Paxton, Rochdale, Sutton and Worcester. Auburn Mall is conveniently located off I at Exit 9 in Auburn, MA. It boasts over 60 stores ranging from jewelry, children's & women's apparel to sporting goods - there is something for everyone in the family! Solomon Pond Mall is the only fashion-oriented mall in the second-largest metro-trade area in New England. Among the stores at Solomon Pond Mall features Macy's, JC Penney, The Apple Store, Coach, Gymboree, H&M, Victoria's Secret, and White House/Black Market just to mention a few.

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