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Formal Fashions Inc. has been family owned & operated since and continues to be a leader in performers' attire for musicians & choirs. We manufacture all of our women’s styles and most of our men’s styles here in Tempe, Arizona.

Woolen cloaks were worn for warmth by men and women. It is still worn today, although it may now accompany a business suit. These breeches were known as petticoat breeches or rhinegraves. Paradoxically, when other nations adopted Spanish modes they mostly took them to excess, the Spaniards themselves remaining restrained in their dignified black garments. Sold at two shillings and sixpence, it was immensely popular and worn by most classes of society, at least for Sunday dress.

Dress, also called apparel or attire, clothing and accessories for the human variety of dress is immense. The style that a particular individual selects is often linked to that person’s sex, age, socioeconomic status, culture, geographic area, and historical era.
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Hugh & Crye's guide to dress shirt collar styles. Learn about collar construction and types such as cutaway, point, button-down, club, and semi-spread collars.
Europe, 1500–1800

Civil War Pleated Front Collared Dress Shirt

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Single breasted cassocks of other designs are also sometimes used. Like Roman Catholic clergy, some Anglican clergy wear the fascia known within Anglicanism as a cincture around the waist, while others prefer a belt. Where extra protection from the elements is needed a cloak may be worn over the cassock. Clergy of the royal peculiars , senior chaplains to the forces, members of the Chapels Royal and Honorary Chaplains to the Queen may wear a scarlet cassock and a special badge Queen's cypher surmounted by St Edward's crown surrounded by oak and laurel leaves on their scarf.

It has been mentioned above that the headcover normally worn with the cassock is the biretta for Roman Catholics or the Canterbury Cap for Anglicans. In the 19th century clergy, like most gentlemen of the time, wore the tall silk top hat with their outdoor dress and this remained traditional for bishops and other senior clergy for many years. Lutheran clerical clothing varies depending on locality and denomination. The clerical clothing of Lutheran priests and bishops often mirrors that of Catholic clergy; cassock or clerical shirt and a detachable clerical collar.

In Scandinavia Lutheran bishops usually wear a pectoral cross. Danish clergy will wear a black cassock, as in Anglican and Catholic traditions, but with a distinctive ruff. The ruff is a large collar, stiffly starched, worn over the top of a full clerical collar. Until the s, this used to be the custom in Norway also, and was a relic of the period when Denmark-Norway had shared a common monarchy In British Methodism , a minister presbyter often wears a simple business suit with a coloured shirt and clerical collar.

For more formal services a minister will adopt a cassock with bands. For ceremonial and very formal occasions, such as the British Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph in London , a traditional black Geneva preaching gown , academic hood and bands may be worn.

Methodist deacons male or female have a less strict dress code; but they often wear dark blue clothing, and always wear the pectoral cross of their religious order.

The dress of those lay members of the congregation who sing in the choir, and of the organist, varies from congregation to congregation. A typical costume might be a blue cassock, English-style plain white surplice , and for women a canterbury cap.

Dress in the United Methodist Church differs from the British norms. There are no official rules on vestments or clerical clothing. Therefore, use of clerical clothing by United Methodist clergy varies greatly by location and situation. Methodist clergy frequently wear clerical clothing on pastoral visits at hospitals and nursing facilities. Elders will most frequently wear black or blue clerical shirts while bishops will wear purple.

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These are made from a medium weight cotton material. They can be worn as a soft detachable collar, especially for those who do not like stiff collars or they can be starched with spray starch I suggest heavy duty spray starch and ironed. If you can find powdered starch you could soak them and then iron them, making them similar to the old Starched Linen Collars except thicker.

To properly starch and iron a collar requires a special machine, which I have heard that only one place in the U. These collars can be washed either by hand or in a washing machine. They are the longest lasting of our detachable collars. Either Buttons or Studs can be used to attach the collar to the shirt.

We normally stock all the collars shown in all the sizes listed below, except for " Special Order" ones. Collar styles will be dated for time period as soon as we can. Measure the band on the shirt you will be wearing the collar with. The size in inches is measured from the end of one of the front button holes closest to the collar opening, around the collar to the end of the other front button hole closest to the opening.

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But because of the Medical Issues we are still very behind and trying to get things out. We are involved in both historic preservation and education. Victorian Men's Day Shirts. We have a selection of 19th Century s dress shirts in both collared and collarless versions, along with detachable collars for the collarless shirts.

You may also be interested in our Victorian Everyday Civilian Shirt page. Update the quantity if you want more than 1. Victorian - Style B On Shoulders. Broad Tucks Front placket has four buttons on placket with broad tucks on either side.

Broad Plaits Front placket has four buttons on placket with narrow tucks on either side. Pin Tucks Front placket has two buttons on placket with pin tucks on either side. Puckered Narrow Tucks Front placket has four buttons on placket with puckered narrow tucks on either side.

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