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Designed with ultimate comfort and playful design, shop Yellow Box and find your favorite footwear for any occasion. Discover sandals, flats, boots, heels, wedges and our highly-coveted jeweled flip-flops.

A deep heel that cradles your foot. The straps on all of these models took considerably longer to dry, right around 30 minutes, but none of them felt unpleasant on the skin to wear while damp. These leather LULUS are made from minimalist leather, ensuring that they will not break down within a month or so. We put our tested flips through some serious tests for this metric, everything from light waterings while walking to full immersion and saturation in a river. Reef Fanning Flip Flop 1.

Designed with ultimate comfort and playful design, shop Yellow Box and find your favorite footwear for any occasion. Discover sandals, flats, boots, heels, wedges and our highly-coveted jeweled flip-flops.
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Women's Flip Flops. A summer essential to save your feet from the scortching sand! Complete your beach look with strappy sandals, slides, or flip you're looking for a little added height be sure to check out our wedge flip a wide variety of styles, colours and patterns to choose from, this summer your hardest decision is figuring out what shoes to wear!

Whether on a hiking trail or strolling through town, this shoe did not disappoint. The Astral Rosa , on the other hand, gave us something no other flip-flop did — an optional and removable ankle strap that converted a basic flip into a full-on adventure-ready flip flop for women.

No matter what you have in store for the day, this shoe will be ready. Without the strap, the Rosa wouldn't have scored so well, but with it? It became almost unbeatable.

The other model that offered some of the best support and stability was the Vionic Tide II. This shoe has built-in orthotics and, when fitted correctly, holds the foot snugly and securely it does run quite big, so if you're in-between sizes be sure to size down, as we did.

Even on steep and unpredictable hikes, we felt completely confident in each step. The embedded orthotics do create a very high arch support, something important to keep in mind when considering this flip flop for women — it's a feature that can feel amazing on some feet and quite painful on others.

Another notable contender is this metric was the Merrell Around Town , an exceedingly stable shoe. With wide adjustable straps and burly traction, we often felt like we had hiking shoes on, not sandals! The footbed is very smooth and isn't quite as contoured as the pairs that scored higher in this category, but we felt no loss in security and were ready for whatever adventure the day threw at us.

As mentioned previously, you can certainly get a pair of flip-flops for less than buying a cocktail, but they likely won't last you very long or make your feet feel particularly good.

When you invest a bit more in your purchase the hope is that they will be with you for years to come — depending on how hard you are on them, of course. Some manufacturers even offer resoling, strap replacement, and more, which is a great thing to investigate if you're someone prone to wearing through sandals quickly. While we only tested these flips over the course of several months, not years, we felt this was an important metric to include and take note of.

We can't be entirely confident how continued exposure to the elements and everyday wear and tear will affect these summer accessories, but some things were evident to us right from the get-go. We scored each pair by assessing the materials used in their creation and by noting small bits of damage that occurred in our short, but intense, testing period.

No surprise, the Chaco Flip EcoTread was among the most durable of all the flip-flops we tested. With a sturdy rubber sole and high-quality webbing straps, this flip can take some serious use before showing hardly any wear. As with all webbing, over time it softens and frays a bit, and rubber soles eventually wear off their tread, but it's clear that the EcoTread is made for longevity and can handle all manner of environmental elements.

Chaco also offers strap replacement for many of their shoes. The Tide II was another high scorer in this category, showing itself to be a shoe that can be worn for many years without hardly a dent.

With robust soles and padded webbing straps, the construction of this shoe isn't that different from the Flip EcoTread , though we found it to be a bit more sturdy. At the end of our rigorous testing period, this impressive sandal still didn't look a day past brand new. This is an excellent flip-flop to invest in for the long haul. And, once again, the Astral Rosa was at the top of the pack.

The footbed is made from tough EVA and rubber and the additional ankle strap from nylon webbing, a match made in adventure heaven. Dirt, mud, sand, water, this shoe took it all in stride and then washed away leaving us looking almost new and ready for the next round.

And, once again, the Gizeh also rose to the top of the pack, keeping up the impressive reputation that Birkenstock has earned over the years. Like them or hate them, you can't help but notice when you pull them from the box how well-made they are.

Pegged as a more urban, less sporty shoe, the Gizeh had no problem keeping up with or surpassing many of the more outdoorsy models. After trudging through mud and wading in rivers, the Gizeh barely showed any signs of our adventures other than softer more supple leather.

Granted, this attractive leather shoe isn't the one to pick if you plan to spend every day in mud and dirt, but you can feel confident that if your day does lead you into a rainstorm or down a dusty trail that your Gizeh won't be the thing holding you back.

The one place that Birkenstocks quickly do start to show wear is on the footbed. As the light-colored suede molds to your feet, it darkens in color, leaving a nice footprint of your appendages. When the shoes are on foot, you can't see this unique personalization. OluKai has built a reputation for knowing how to make great sandals, and all of these models easily lived up to the hype with bomber construction and high-quality materials.

How a warm weather shoe deals with getting wet is a pretty important aspect to consider when assessing its overall performance because it's bound to come up. From spring puddles to summer rainstorms, sprinklers, and beaches, the sandal you choose should be able to handle moisture without making your feet feel gross or insecure.

We put our tested flips through some serious tests for this metric, everything from light waterings while walking to full immersion and saturation in a river. While almost all the shoes handled small amounts of water well, fully soaking them revealed more variability and divisions in performance than in any other category. These minimal flips, despite being made out of leather, are meant to be able to handle watery conditions.

After being thoroughly submerged in water, both sandals took a mere 20 minutes in full sun to be completely dry. The footbeds also quickly absorbed and wicked away water, making them effortless to walk in when wet because nothing stayed pooled on the surface. The primary division we saw between these two models and the rest of our contenders was the time it took the straps to dry — while some flips dried on the footbed quickly, the straps held on to water for much longer.

All of them have a nonporous footbed that dries exceedingly quickly, especially if there's some air flow.

Laying out in full sun after walking in a river, the footbed on these flips took a handful of minutes to dry fully. If you continue to walk while a lot of water is present, the Flip and Tide II briefly feel a bit slippy and make some farting noises, but this doesn't last long.

If you're wearing the ankle strap on the Rosa any slippage due to water is a non-issue. The straps on all of these models took considerably longer to dry, right around 30 minutes, but none of them felt unpleasant on the skin to wear while damp. Being that OluKai is a Hawaiian-based company, it was no surprise that all of them also handled water quite well. Though what did surprise us was that the fancy Lala and Paniolo outperformed their more rugged counterpart the Ohana by a fair margin.

The footbed on both the Lala and Paniolo wicked water away from the surface incredibly fast, and while the leather straps stayed damp for longer, they felt cool, soft, and pleasant on the skin. The Ohana took longer all around to dry, but the main thing we noticed with all of these sandals was that the materials, even when very wet, felt comfortable and pleasing to wear.

Often people fail to think about traction when purchasing footwear they don't equate with hiking, running, or climbing. But if you're anything like us here at OutdoorGearLab, you'll end up using your flip-flops for crag approaches, impromptu hikes, and various random scrambles. If that sounds like your lifestyle as well, then it's to your benefit to have a shoe that won't leave you slip-sliding all over the place and fearing for your ankles.

All our tested sandals did decently, but a handful rose to the top and impressed us with their extra stickiness. There's a second piece to this as well: But in actuality, a leading cause of slipping and sliding, mainly while wearing something like flip-flops, is due to lack of footbed traction.

This was something we took note of during muddy hikes and river walks, as well as when we were walking around town looking for a bite to eat.

The Astral Rosa was our Top Pick for Hiking and Scrambling mainly because its optional ankle strap made for the best and most secure footbed traction. This is almost unfair because a sandal with a backstrap will always feel stickier than a regular flip-flop, but hey — it's a great shoe that can act as both a flip and a sandal, and we gotta give credit where credit's due.

The Merrell Around Town , with its burly sole and supportive adjustable straps was another top performer for this metric. Consistently it made us feel as secure as though we were in a much more substantial shoe; the single exception being a hike that involved lots of watery mud puddles.

This obstacle rendered all of our flips except the Rosa! Suffice it to say, outside of a few swing season edge cases, we would be quite happy to have the Around Town on our feet for most all easy-to-moderate hikes. This is more of a traditional flip-flop design with narrower straps and no fancy features, but when fit correctly see below it has impressive traction that made us feel confident on all kinds of loose gravel and uncertain terrain.

It's important to note that this is contingent on having the proper size, as the Tide II does seem to run quite large. We ordered all our flip-flops in the same size, but the Vionic was so much bigger than all the others it looked like a random men's shoe had been thrown into the mix.

We ended up returning it for one size smaller which provided a far superior fit. If you have a half size foot as our chief tester did and want to enjoy all the benefits this flip has to offer, we recommend sizing down.

And once again our trusty Gizeh finished toward the top of the pack. The brushed leather footbed provides fantastic internal traction, and the raised footbed edge, which is exceptionally high at the front to protect the toes, helps cup the foot for added security. This shoe had the best footbed traction which is why it received the highest scores for our support and stability metric.

The bottom sole is not as sticky as the models mentioned above, but it still effortlessly imparts a feeling of security and confidence in all kinds of environments. FitFlop Keep your feet happy this summer with a pair of FitFlops. Havaianas Simple, colourful and easy-to-wear, no summer shoe collection is complete without a pair of iconic Havaianas. Matching swimsuit ranges For a chic, pulled together beach or pool look, explore our matching swimwear and flip flop selection.

Metallic 'Lulu' molten metal flipflop. Bronze 'Lulu' flatform heel flip flops. Metallic 'Linny' flatform heel flip flops. Bronze 'Linny' flatform heel flip flops. Turquoise 'On-The-Go ' flip flops. Bronze 'Mirror' IQushion flip flops. Metallic 'Lulu' molten metal slip-on flipflop. Black leather 'Roka' mid flatform heel flip flops. Floozie by Frost French. Multi-coloured 'Trellis' flip flops. They are easy to clean and maintain. Plantar fasciitis sufferers are going to love these for sure.

Spenco is also a major player. These PolySorb Yumi sandals come with a very deep heel cup. They have orthotic grade arch support, which really helps you deal with heel pain. These are some great flip flops for plantar fasciitis. These sandals have a cushioned forefoot. The soles are non marking. It is also lightweight. No wonder this flip flop gets a lot of really good reviews. For some,the toe strap can be a little uncomfortable. Some people have complained about the cheap feel and the fact that the soles might be a bit too thin.

These are suitable for fallen arches. You have lots of design choices. Their Capri IV sandals have proven to be a great fan favorite amongst women that are ready to deal with their foot pain once and for all.

They give good support, and look fashionable at the same time. The heel is elevated and the foot bed is naturally formed. They make products that perform well in every way. The Capri IV is living proof. Some have expressed their concern at the durability of these shoes. The straps may be too loose for some. They are probably not the best for arch support.

Once again, we have a Chaco flip in our list. These have a slip resistant pattern, making them good for slippery surfaces. The polyurethane bed makes them very cushiony.

They are really great for outdoors people. They have really great arch support, so you can be sure that your feet are going to be stable and comfortable in these. They are fairly pricey and fit a bit loose on some people. Some have said that the foot bed is on the stiff side. On the other hand, they look really good, have great outsole grip and are very comfortable on the arches.

They are really good for long walks and even mild sports activities. They are also very durable. If you are suffering from heel pain because of plantar fasciitis, and your pain comes and goes throughout the day, but never really leaves… then you might wanna consider rethinking your foot pain treatment plan.

It could very well be that you are already wearing orthotic shoes during the day, thinking this will solve the problem once and for all. But what matters is also what you wear once you get home from work. A lot of people like to wear slippers. But you can also go for flip flops with plantar fasciitis support. Flip flops are much less invasive, but can give you lots of support as well.

Sometimes, it will be too hot to wear anything else than sandals. If you are serious about relieving your heel pain, then you should really make sure that your feet have support all day long. You will have to avoid all barefoot walking during your day, because your plantar fascia ligament is going to need all the support it can get. But flip flops with arch support will definitely give you an edge over regular, flat sandals. Whether you are going outside to empty your mailbox, or simply running an errand in your local super market.

Flip flops that give your arches good support, can give your painful heels the boost they need. The trouble with sandals is that they offer no ankle support whatsoever. They barely offer any kind of foot support at all. Flip flops, however, can really help you out with your aching arches. But not all flip flops are created equal. It all depends on which ones you buy, ofcourse. You will be able to have arch support at moments where shoes or other kinds of footwear are no option, such as going to the store or just walking around the house.

They are really great for indoor usage, providing your feet some breathing room after a long day at work. They are easy to put on and to take off, so they are very convenient indeed. They are even more breathable than slippers are.

Naturally, you want your flip flops to have a comfortable foot strap, and they must also provide proper arch support. They have to give you motion stability, using a deep heel cup. They will need to be both functional as well as comfortable so they must make you comfortable, all the while alleviating your foot pain. You must go for a brand that is known to focus on foot health. Your flip flops must have good reviews, to let you know they will indeed heel your foot pain.

They may take a little time to get used to, depending on how much you hate having super strong heel support. A new pair of flip flops can cost more than simply adding an orthotic to slippers or shoes you already own. To the best of my knowledge, there have been no studies performed in the area of wearing flip flops for plantar fasciitis.

However, there have been a few studies over the past few years, which have shown the efficacy of making use of orthotics in combination with other treatment options. One study that I recall reading, had been performed in order to find out what benefits foot orthotics would have in those suffering from plantar fasciitis. When this study ended after 4 weeks, it was concluded that orthotic correction has helped participants increase the function of their feet. It decreased their foot pain in a matter of weeks, thereby increasing the quality of their lives.

There are plenty of flips flops on the market today, which have been designed with foot orthotics in mind. They will correct your excessive over pronation and give you strong arch support. There was another trial that I have heard of, which has studied the long term and the short term benefits of wearing foot orthoses in combination with night splints. There are plenty of options for those of you want to wear plantar fasciitis flip flops with arch support.

A lot of these that I have reviewed, are designed to help you support your high or low arches. There are also plenty of reviews to check out, in case you need some more convincing. While sandals will never give you the same amount of support as shoes do, the once I have reviewed above are definitely comfortable enough that you can wear them for hours on end. These non flopping flips can be a really great option for people who want their sandals to fit their feet as closely, comfortably and snugly as possible.

All in all, any treatment plan for heel pain should be focused on providing your feet with constant, non stop support. For those of you who want a bit more comfort and breathability at the end of a long working day, supportive flip flops can really help you out. Please always make sure that your feet have the support they need, to prevent future foot pain, or heal existing heel pain.

This page was authored by Brian Bradshaw , who represents the Boot Bomb. His ancestors used to own a shoe store for almost a century. He has lived and breathed footwear for as long as he can remember. This page was last updated on August 23, I am 11 and half and they only carry 11 and 12! If I were you, I would check out the Amazon product pages to see if your flip flops of choice run small or big.

But you can still miss. If that happens, you can exchange them. I purchased the OluKai Ohana Sandal on your recommendation and wore them all day yesterday and my feet have been killing me ever since. I am so very disappointed because I an planning a trip and was hoping to have a pair that were truly comfortable. Maybe you just need to break them in for a few days. Maybe another pair of sandals will be more comfortable for you. Do you know of any that help with that support? Try the Orthaheel by Vionics.

Click through to Amazon and read the reviews. Super helpful article — thank you!! They are currently have a free shipping promotion on their website if anyone else is interested! Last year i tried basic crocs and adidas sliders and my feet, ankles, and knees hurt for days. Could you recommend something for me? Amazon offers plenty of them, and with loads of good reviews , too. For many of them, the product description states they have good arch support. You can tell just by looking at them.

Bunions are usually located at the side of your feet. Each post has review and some of them have hundreds of reviews and testimonials and good things to say and they are freaking fantastic shoes! Pretty sure it has something to do with the half-inch of Orthofoam. It does have an arch support with a tennis shoe bottom.

The shoes will last you 3 to 5 years. And best of all they have Swarovski Crystal on them. Sorry to hear it. Be sure to let me know if you find something more to your liking, so that I can recommend it to my readers! What sandals to you recommend for high arches, narrow feet and some plantar fasciatis. I just developed Plantar Fasciitis.

Prob from wearing too many cheap flat Flip Flops. White soles are preferred, but I guess not mandatory boat deck scuffing. Do you have any thoughts on these or others.

By the sounds of it, you should probably have a look at our reviews on hiking sandals and water shoes. Your email address will not be published. FitFlop Lulu Thong Sandal. Vionic Karina Toe Post Sandal. Vionic Floriana Toe Post Sandal. Reef Fanning Flip Flop. Clarks Wave Coast Flip Flop. Vionic Bryce Toe Post. FitFlop Lulu Thong Sandal 1. OluKai Ohana Sandal 1.

Vionic Karina Toe Post Sandal 1. Vionic Floriana Toe Post Sandal 1. Reef Fanning Flip Flop 1. OluKai Paniolo Sandal 1. Rainbow Sandals Crystals 1. Propet Hartley Sandal 1. Clarks Wave Coast Flip Flop 1. OluKai Ui Sandal 1. Vionic Bryce Toe Post 3. Chaco Flip EcoTread 3.

Orthaheel Tide Slide 4. Reply to this comment. If you ever find a pair that of sandals you like, will you come back and let me know about it? Hi Jennifer, Try the Orthaheel by Vionics. Those Rainbows sure are nice! Almost makes me wish I had a pair of those for myself as well!

Enjoy your Rainbows, Amanda!

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